Saturday, October 14, 2006

Telemarketers/Getting Your Music Into Movies

Telemarketers/Getting Your Music Into Movies

Topic 1: Telemarketers

If you have ever received emails from people on other planets (mainly, those residing in the Nebula Solar System) who say they have HUGE sacks of money to send you if you will simply accept the money into your bank account, OR, the other garden variety type who attempt to sell you sad sob stories in exchange for some of your filthy lucre ($), you may wish to take a look at how I am finally enjoying solving this previously pesty problem at

After reviewing my response to "Mark," the most recent culprit, you *DEFINITELY* want to follow it up with a hilarious, side-splitting, character-driven video that my nephew (a multimedia producer) created specifically for telemarketers at


Topic 2: Getting Your Music Into Movies

For the past several years, independent film producers and independent television networks (such as WB, UPN, etc.) have used the music of unsigned and independent artists (and, almost exclusively) for their film releases and television programs.

This is because these networks became frustrated with having to pay exorbitant amounts of money that major labels and their lawyers demanded for the use their artists' music.

This process, called "music licensing," can produce an incredible additional/side income from your music as well as quickly get you national and international exposure.

Just imagine one of your tracks on an average successful film or TV program that is internationally distributed or syndicated. Better yet, imagine several of your tracks in several films or on several television programs, with all internationally distributed or syndicated.

And, getting such a wide breadth of exposure so quickly can then make getting radio airplay, television and press coverage for your music a breeze because of:

* Your name
* Your notoriety
* Your song recognition

...all of which will, undoubtedly, send your CD sales through the roof.

So, if licensing your music to the right sources and contacts has always been more than a puzzling mystery to you, but getting your music onto movie soundtracks and television programs has always appealed to you, let me suggest your taking a few valuable moments to read a bit of information on how to successfully accomplish that at

Thank you,

~ kl

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