Tuesday, November 28, 2006



It's that time of year again, and here we go repeating the annual offer most musicians can't afford to pass up.

In the interest of the holiday spirit, we are back again with our annual slicing and dicing of our normal $175 promotion/publicity rates, all the way down to ONLY $100 per week! That's right! Only $100 weekly!

BUT! As you might expect, there is a "catch"!

And, the catch is that this special (very limited time) promotional offer is ONLY good for the month of December! And, it is ONLY for NEW CLIENTS!

Now, as such, it is important for us to limit the number of clients that we accept at this extremely low rate to only the first TEN (10) musicians who respond!

By the way...payments can be made weekly.

And, you still get the full-blown promotional and publicity services as you would get with our normal $175 rates. The services you will get include:

* Worldwide radio promotion
* Worldwide video promotion (if you have a video)
* Worldwide print media publicity
* On-air radio interviews via telephone
* On-air station ID checks
* Print feature interviews
* Print music reviews
* Tracking and follow-up

[Remember!] This special, limited-time combined promotion and publicity offer is ONLY good from December 1-24, 2006 and our normal rates return to $175 weekly on December 26, 2006.

However! To make this offer ever so much sweeter for musicians who lock in this offer by November 30th, we will keep the $100 rate per week going all the way through January 31, 2007!

We have been conducting this same end-of-year offer for the past several years because, in today's Music industry, promotion and publicity should NOT be expensive for musicians!

In advance, thank you.

~ Kenny Love, President (MuBiz.com)

P. S. If you want to get your music onto film and television soundtracks starting in 2007 (which can pay HUGE lifetime) royalties, read Michael Laskow's (TAXI) article that explains why it is much easier to get a music licensing deal than a record deal today.

P. P. S. At the end of the article is a bold red link titled "The Next Step" that, if you decide to take, will dramatically change your music income forever.
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"Recoupment is a bear in the woods that hasn't eaten in ten weeks."
Kenny Love, circa 2007

"Sure, the truth will set you free, but only after you've served 40 in TDC."
Kenny Love, circa 2007

"She was a 6-pack minus 5 cans 26 years ago and, I just realized the last can is damn near empty."
Kenny Love, circa 2007


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