Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 New Articles For 21st Century Digital Musicians

Today, I have just written two new articles for the 21st Century digital musician.

The first article, an instructional piece, is in response to a writer who was having major drama working with the print media in obtaining press coverage in areas where she is touring. It is titled, "How To Succeed In Getting Gig/Tour Press Coverage."

The second article is more of an analysis of a musician's psyche and what we experience at our soul's depth that most non musicians can not, will not, nor shall ever understand. It is titled, "Now, I Know Why The Werewolf Howls."

From it, I have drawn from the spirit and inspiration of one of my favorite authors and poets, Ms. Maya Angelou, who penned her 1969 autobiography titled, "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings."

Perhaps, you too will be able to obtain more press coverage for your own gigs/tours while also readily relating to "Now, I Know Why The Werewolf Howls, respectively.

In any event, thanks for reading me.

Kenny Love, Director of Marketing
Eartastic Records
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Note: I also provide radio/video promotion and print media publicity for recording artists in the music genres of Classical, Jazz, and Gospel.


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