Sunday, November 18, 2007

* Contest! *

* Contest! * is having an exciting end-of-year contest that will have First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize & Fourth Prize winners.

* First Prize = 1 week of radio promotion and print publicity

* Second Prize = 1 week of radio promotion

* Third Prize = 1 week of print/press publicity

* Fourth Prize = promotion of a dance recording to night club deejays. This particular recording must be appropriate for dance clubs, i.e., Hip Hop, Rock, Rap, RnB

*NOTE*: To be eligible, all contestants and winners must be subscribers to *BOTH* the "The B# Newsletter" *and* "The B# RoundTable" discussion list.

To qualify, subscribe to *BOTH* the newsletter and the discussion list by visiting the links below:

"The B# Newsletter"
"The B# RoundTable"

Winners will be announced in the newsletter and on the discussion list December 15, 2007.

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