Saturday, March 24, 2007

How To Sell *LOTS* Of Digital Downloads In Your Local Area

How To Sell *LOTS* Of Digital Downloads In Your Local Area

Are your digital download music sales a LOT lower than what you expect? Could they use a very strong and immediate boost and upswing in sales?

If so, I have a new article that shows you how you can begin experiencing tremendous digital download sales from music lovers in your own hometown, local and regional areas...not in a few months, but in only a week (or, maybe even less).

No more wondering where, when, how or if your digital music sales are going to happen. No more dreading the expected low sales payment that will be deposited in your account or the embarrassing paper check you normally receive.

In fact, after implementing this process, you are likely to start checking your digital download account daily since your music will now be heard by hundreds of listeners nightly.

Also, the article reveals how selling digital downloads in your local area will greatly influence and increase your
chance of getting local radio airplay started very quickly on the very same stations that previously played games and politics with you and turned you down.

Finally, musicians can eliminate the old "can't buy no love in my home town" feeling once and for all, while turning the tables, so to speak, on their local markets and, possibly, becoming hometown music heroes.

To get started on learning how to implement this incredible process, of which you can be enjoying its results in, again, only a few short days (or nights), simply go to the B# Newsletter's website to sign up, then read Message #214, dated March 23, 2007, which is appropriately titled...

"How To Sell *LOTS* Of Digital Downloads In Your Local Area"


Kenny Love, Editor
B# Newsletter website
The KEL Group

Note: This notice only applies to commercial music genres such as; Country, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rap, Rock, Urban and similar genres.


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