Tuesday, May 03, 2005

MuBiz.com Benefits to Musicians

1. "Explosive CD $ales Tips: Volume I"

Do you like learning alternative, unique, 'think outside the box' tips and inside information instead of reading the same old re-hashed stuff on how to successfully sell more of your music? Then, be sure to pick up your copy of this new report titled "Explosive CD $ales Tips: Volume I" that contains similar new tips and info. One of the best things about this report, is that it is only $5.00!

And, we have so much confidence in this report helping you dramatically and instantly increase your CD sales even more, that we are offering a 12-month unconditional money-back guarantee on it...no questions asked. Get complete info here.

2. Radio Promotion/Video Promotion/Press Publicity

Don't avoid radio promotion, video promotion and media publicity simply because you believe it is too expensive. Marketing yourself is actually costing you far more money and time. And, as opposed to many promoters or publicists, MuBiz.com provides all three of these services for one low price (only $175 per week). Check out our ["Radio Airplay/Press Coverage"].

Also, for further proof of our success, see what our clients are saying about their radio promotion and print publicity results with MuBiz.com.

3. Gig Promotion

Need to get more people out to your shows, or need to increase your CD sales at your shows? What performing musician doesn't, right? Well, check out our ["Gig Promotion"] link.

4. MuBiz.com Consulting

Don't have time or money to waste, and would like to be certain that you are going in the right direction with your new music release? Then, why not check out our ["MuBiz Consulting service (#5)"].

5. CD Cover Concept Service

Let's face it...if you take a look at most artists' CD covers today, they are nothing more than boring straight-shot poses. Uhhh! Put your CD's "selling" mode into effect visually before it is even heard. Make potential music buyers stop and do a 'double-take' when you utilize MuBiz.com's CD Cover Visual Concept service.

6. Need Mastering?

If you want high-quality mastering for your CD, check out what one of our clients says here.

7. Need a Video?

Need a video script for your single, but don't know how to go about it? Check out our sample that we created for a client here. Then, let us create yours.

8. Great Music Business Education Tools

Check out these great music business education tools.

9. MuBiz.com Classes

MuBiz.com also provides online classes.

10. Customized Daily Marketing Plan

Get your own, unique, customized daily marketing plan.

11. Kenny Love's Music Career Resume

12. Kenny Love's Writing Career Resume

13. What Major Label Artists Are Saying

14. The MuBiz.com News Center

15. "Attack of the Killer Musicians"

16. "Nightmare on 'L' Street"

17. Scary Review #1

18. Scary Review #2

19. The B# Newsletter

A powerhouse of information for your music success. Read what our subscribers are saying.

20. Don't forget! Sign up for MuBiz.com's 2005 Summer Sweepstakes!. Over $25,000 in prizes will be awarded exclusively to B# Newsletter subscribers.

21. Greatly Increase Your Music $ales!

Greatly increase sales of your music by going here.

22. "Think About It!" (radio talk show for musicians)

23. Listen to Our MuBiz.com Radio Ad

24. Listen to Our "Think About It! Radio Talk Show Ad

25. $tiff-Proof Your Local Gigs

26. $tiff-Proof Your Outside Gigs

27. Online Booking Agency

28. Music Website Hosting

29. The Indie Bible

30. MuBiz.com Services

MuBiz.com provides many additional music business and career resources that can benefit your music career.

To review our complete service listing, please go here.

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