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A Musician's & Recording Artist's Missing Link

A Musician's & Recording Artist's Missing Link

Even though most of the tools and avenues for you, the independent and unsigned musician, to get your music out to be sold to the masses of music buyers is now in effect through the accessibility of the Internet, STILL, the BIGGEST problem (which is the first step) is HOW to get professional promotion and publicity at an affordable cost in order to even inform and alert music buyers that your music is available for sale.

Read what our musician clients say about our results!

See what readers of our Music business/industry newsletter, including College Music professors, say about our music promotion and publicity experience!

Oh! What Are Our Cost$? Well, consider this...

Most promotion or publicity services will *only* provide one service, either radio promotion or print publicity., however, provides *both* services on a worldwide level, along with the following service(s) for only one low rate. Our rates are probably the lowest in the industry (only $175 per week), and look at all you get:

* Worldwide radio promotion
* Worldwide video promotion (if you have a video)
* Worldwide print media publicity
* On-air radio interviews via telephone
* On-air station ID checks
* Print feature interviews
* Print music reviews
* Tracking and follow-up

How We Work:

On average, 75-100 radio contacts are made weekly, yet, this does not even begin to "scratch the surface," so to speak in terms of the number of stations in our worldwide database.

When stations respond, we respond to them that a media kit is on its way.

At the same time, we copy you on their email so that:

* You will have the station contact firsthand
* You will then be able to get a media kit to them immediately

In each responding station's area, we then contact all press/print media and notify them that their local station is interested in your project, which can, possibly, do several things:

* Let the station know that you have press support if they see you are interviewed or your music reviewed in their area papers

* Gets the publications interested when they are aware you are getting airplay in their area

At about 3-4 weeks into the campaign, we follow-up (track) with each media source to learn if it has, indeed, added you to its airplay roster. If so, we then request the station to grant a station ID check and an on-air interview via telephone.

For the publications, we request feature interviews or music reviews.

Each week, we provide clients with a list of media contacts made that includes the call letters, print sources, and locations.

1. (About Kenny Love/
2. ( Hqtrs.)
3. (Billboard News on The B# Newsletter)
4. (Kenny Love's Billboard Radio Interview)
5. ( Mission Statement)
6. (Advertise Your Band Cheap!)
7. ('s Radio Promo)
8. ('s Gig Promo)
9. ('s Video Scripts)
10. ('s Radio Commercial)
11. (The B# Newsletter)
12. ('s Online Classes)
13. (Kenny Love's Music Resumé)
14. (Kenny Love's Writing Resumé)

Contemporary Gospel Recording Artist Valerie Gipson

Contemporary Gospel Recording Artist Valerie Gipson

Who She Sounds Like: Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Mary Mary

What's The News: The KEL Group just released her new 12-song "Great Things" CD.

Special Note: Her new CD is only $12.97, but if you order more than one copy for friends this Christmas, you can even get an additional 30% discount off the price and pay only $9.08 per copy.

Footnote: Download her complete first single ("What A Man Soweth") absolutely FREE!

Where To Get More Info: Right Here!

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