Saturday, May 21, 2005

Want Gold and Platinum Sales Levels from College Radio?

Want Gold and Platinum Sales Levels
from College Radio?

Most independent recording artists realize how difficult it is to
get commercial radio airplay.

So, what if you could discover new in-depth information that
enabled you to, potentially, obtain (and in some cases,
surpass) commercial radio airplay results (exposure,
financially and sales) in the college market alone?

And, without the usual headaches and politics that go along
with trying to get commercial radio airplay?

That claim is based on the fact that the U. S. college
community alone has approximately 16 million enrolled
students at any given time who spend $200 billion annually,
with a minimum of $3 million spent on just music (this doesn't
include money students also spend on film soundtracks, music
video games with music soundtracks, DVDs, or otherwise.

Now, for just a moment, imagine what college students must
be spending on music alone, on a worldwide basis.

However, most musicians only access colleges for either a
small amount of radio airplay for a limited time period, or gigs.
And, even then, they don't nearly exhaust their efforts with all
college contacts in either case.

But, colleges are worth far more than that. For instance, is
your music also in college bookstores and college music
stores, nationwide or internationally? If not, how much money
would you say you have lost at the college level alone in music
sales, nationally or internationally?

These are just a few of the 15+ interconnecting tips revealed
and points made in today's new issue of The B# Newsletter's
article (Message #158) titled, "College Radio: The Most
Important Radio Level for Independents."

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~ Kenny Love, Editor
The B# Newsletter


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