Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kenny Love's "Vampire Love" Single

Kenny Love's new "Vampire Love" single eerily aligns itself with Bobby Boris Picket's "Monster Mash" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as a rap/vocal hybrid in the genres of Dance, Hip Hop/Rap and Gothic.

HOUSTON, Texas - - February, 8, 2006 - - In a sudden mid-life crisis occurring overnight, new Houston-based Eartastic Records recording artist Kenny Love awoke in a cold sweat and experienced multiple heaves while spouting insane rhetoric at the top of his lungs. "The 50's are coming! The 50's are coming!" Love continued to chant.

As his horrid expression was much like Dr. Simon Van Gelder's, who can be seen as a visibly shaken man, our label can only conclude that this sudden bout of insanity is a direct result of Love having turned 48 years old last month, and now has a deep
morbid fear of turning 50 in a couple of years. Ironically, both Van Gelder and Love hail from the state of Texas. :-(

After awakening on last evening, Love burst into the production studio facility of Eartastic Records at approximately 8:07 p.m., locking the doors behind him, and only finally emerging at 5:30 a.m. this morning with a recording completely unlike his
persona, a sample which can be heard on
his new

Likewise, in adding fuel to the proverbial fire, he then uploaded a sample of this sordid and desperate attempt at a "comeback" music career to a new page on his own site for which we apologize to anyone in advance who, unfortunately, listens to it.

We have not, yet, determined if we shall retain him as an artist on our label, particularly, due to his current health condition, obvious negative mental state of being and, most importantly, possible label embarrassment, but we are *definitely* continuing his medical treatment and supervision with the noted and renowned Dr. Russ Hamlisch, who believes that Love's condition is, primarily, a combined result of stress, overly high cholesterol, and having consumed far too many enchiladas while watching last Sunday's Super Bowl game (please don't ask!).


Dwayne Michaels, Publicist
Eartastic Records
Houston, Texas

cc: Clyde Toval, President
bcc: Janet Forsythe, Internal Label Psychiatrist

Disclaimer: Eartastic Records accepts no responsibility in and is held harmless from any future, social or otherwise, arising and resulting from the distribution of this material.

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