Sunday, May 15, 2005

Why You Should Get Your Music
in Wal-Mart

Why You Should Get Your Music in Wal-Mart
(and, as quickly as possible)

Wal-Mart is, occasionally, snickered at by some of the general public for their advertisements, among other things. However, Wal-Mart is the Number 1 U. S. consistent retail sales earner yearly.

And, as for the Music industry, the top record labels are bending over backward to get their product into Wal-Mart, particularly, since W-M has a major role in having forced the closing of over 1,200 music retail stores within the last two years.

So, check out yesterday's article in The B# Newsletter that lists twelve major reasons (several of which are likely to surprise you) why you want to do every thing you can to get your product into Wal-Mart. And, a couple of the reasons are:

* Beside being #1 in U. S. retail sales annually, did you know that Wal-Mart is also #1 in retail sales in both Canada and Mexico?

* Are you aware that Wal-Mart has over 138 million weekly shoppers?

Now, as you know, most people like some genre of music.

I also list a couple of pointers on how to get your music into the giant store chain.

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In advance, thank you.

~ Kenny Love, Editor
The B# Newsletter

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