Monday, November 07, 2005

The B# Newsletter (For Musicians)

The B# Newsletter publishes unique, alternative "think outside the circle" articles that are unlike any you will read elsewhere.

Our articles help musicians to greatly increase their:

* Gigs
* Gig Attendance
* Radio Airplay
* Press Coverage
* CD Sales

See what our readers are saying about our B# Newsletter articles that focus on music's; marketing, promotion, publicity, business, career and much more for musicians at:

Some of the B# Newsletter's most recent popular article titles include:

* The Great CD Cover Mystery
* What To Do Immediately After Getting Radio Airplay
* Why Colleges Are an Independent Musician's Goldmine
* College Radio: The Most Important Radio Level for Independents
* Distributors: How to Get 'em Beggin' for Your Music
* How to Get TV & Radio Stations at Your Gigs
* How Shopping Malls Can Increase Your Gig Audience
* How Record Pools Can Make Musicians Rich!
* How to Get State-of-the-Art Video Singles Cheap
* How to Earn Over $30,000 with Your Music By Year's End

As you can see from the above titles, NO musician who is serious about his/her career, should be without a membership to The B# Newsletter. After all, it's FREE and doesn't cost a cent.

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~ Kenny Love, Publisher/Editor

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