Thursday, October 27, 2005

*NEW* Article For Musicians! A No-Miss Zone!

*NEW* Article For Musicians! A No-Miss Zone!

Do you and your fellow members own your band's name? If you haven't trademarked or registered it, how do you know you [legally] own it?

If you haven't trademarked or registered it, are you aware that a band that doesn't even have a CD release, and that may reside in Squirrelville, Oklahoma (population: 217), but has been using your band's name, can force you to change it if it has owned the name longer?

What's worse is, are you aware that this Squirrelville, Oklahoma band with your name may already know of your existence and of your oncoming success, and is simply waiting at *your* perfect "financial" moment of success to take action against you?
Yes, they now have Internet access in Squirrelville too, and that's
how they found out about you.

My new article titled, "In Three Notes...Can You Name That Band?" (Message #169), reveals how some band may be, at this very moment, simply sitting back in the tumbleweeds waiting for you to do all the hard work and get "their" name out there, along with the royalties coming in, then slam-dunk you with a lawsuit so hard that it would make a World Wrestling Federation champion jealous, forcing you to not only lose your name but to also give up every cent, in addition to your incurring damages.

Additionally, the article reveals eight hugely successful bands (the names might surprise you) that this exact thing happened to, and who were legally forced to change their names because they were in the same capacity that you may be in right now.

No band should miss this article. And, to discover who these, primarily, "household name" major label bands are, sign up at the below link, then proceed to Message #169.

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P. S. Oh, by the apology to the residents of Squirrelville...

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